The Temple Bells

Basic Information

Instrumentation: Choral (SATTBB)
Duration: 4:30
Year composed: 2009


“The Temple Bells” plays on the idea of self-acceptance. It is broken up into three basic sections:

  1. the person is mournful, confused, questioning, unsure of their identity;
  2. the person is frenzied, thinking rapidly, trying to flee themselves;
  3. the person accepts, embraces, and finds peace with who they are.

The “temple bells” are the Bo(m) sounds, which are meant to close to the “m” sound as soon as possible. The piece is meant to be sung sans vibrato, with some leeway.


The mirror calls to me and in it is nothing at all
Yet I see myself soaring away
I’m flying away
So far away from here

But where is there to go?

Here, inside, is the soul
I am I.

Score & Recording