Where Will We Go?

Basic Information

Instrumentation: Soprano, alto, and piano
Duration: 2:45
Year composed: 2020


Nothing stirred my passions about climate change more than a photo from fire-ravaged Australia: a woman and her young child were on a small life raft in the sea, the sky red above them, a few meager belonging on their ship. They needed to flee the wildfires, and their only refuge was the sea.

We need to ask ourselves the impossible question – since there’s only one Earth, where will we go when disaster strikes due to climate change? This piece explores that question, and the feelings that come along with it.


the sky is on fire.
with ash in our mouths
we run to the sea.

if the land is burning,
where will we go?

if the sea is boiling,
where will we go?

if you close the gate,

the sky is on fire
we run to the sea.

Score & Recording

Premiered June 16, 2020, at the New Music Gathering.