To Be Heard

Basic Information

Instrumentation: Soprano and flute
Duration: 3:45
Year composed: 2018


Written for the inaugural Breath Mark Retreat. Performed by Julie Bryan (flute) and Ariel Downs (soprano), October 13, 2018 at the Diastole Scholars Center in Kansas City, MO

A piece about the joy of self-expression, speaking up, and being heard.


Adapted from Anna Brake’s “To Be Heard”

Sing Speak Seek Sriek
Wonder Wail Whine
Communicate Enunciate
Recite, Rework, Rewrite!
To be heard!

Chastize Choke
Philosophize poetically
Yawn! Yell! Yap!
To be heard!

Sing Speak Seek
Seek your soul
Know your truth to be heard!
Declare your worth!

Sing Speak Seek Shriek
Passionately shout!
Graciously praise
Express your love
Know your truth
Declare your worth to be heard!

Score & Recording