Nemure (Sleep, Child, Sleep)

Basic Information

Instrumentation: Choral (SSAA)
Duration: 4:40
Year composed: 2006


A piece based on a text I wrote in English and Japanese, about giving comfort to a loved one a continent away.


Sleep, child, sleep.
May our arms be there to hold you.
May you be wrapped in your blanket of snow.
Yuki ga kuru yo (snow has come)

Sleep, child, sleep.
May your path be tread in silence.

Here only the stars can guide you
For this place is not your home.
Nemure (Sleep)
This land is foreign to you

You may cry but we are near
Let us look upon you (now)
Sleep, child, sleep
Wake to find the Sunrise
All you dreams are clouded in Stars.

Never understanding life within this Darkest hour
Please show me what you have been hiding in the depths of your heart.
Misete (show me)

Sagashiteiru yo (I’m searching for you)
Kimi no koto kara (for your sake)

I keep searching for you
I search for you now.

And I look to the West
And you look to the East
For that is where I will find you
Lay you down to rest.
There is love here.

Sleep, child, sleep.
May you wake to greet the sunrise.
May you be now at peace.

Score & Recording

MIDI realization of Nemure