I Remain

Basic Information

Instrumentation: Choral (TBB)
Duration: 3:00
Year composed: 2017


Written for the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Perfrormed by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus Men’s Ensemble, March 8 and 10, 2018, Manhattan

Part of the Project: Encore contemporary choral music catalog

After a politically difficult 2016 and 2017, I wanted to write a piece to express both the dismay and loss I felt, as well as the reasons I continued to persist and fight for what I believed in. I felt that these feelings were felt very strongly by many after the 2016 elections, and wanted to express them through lyrics and song.


written by Jamie Klenetsky Fay

I am lost
I am surrounded by thoughts I don’t understand
Feelings I don’t feel
Truths that aren’t real

I remain

I am lost
But I remember love and my joy
And the beautiful blue sky

I remain
For the dreams we’ve shared
and the sparkle in your eyes
For tomorrow

I remain for the world.

Score & Recording