Hakol BeSeder, B’Eli HaSeder (Everything is in Order Within the Chaos)

Basic Information

Instrumentation: Soprano, violin, cello and piano
Duration: 7:45
Year composed: 2007


Finalist, Karen Sokolof Javitch Emerging Composer Competition

Performed at the Karen Sokolof Javitch Music Fund concert, January 10, 2008, Omaha, NE – Shannon Salyards (voice), William Wolcott (violin), Ruth Meints (viola), Christina Allred (cello), Anne Madison (piano)

This piece was a way to explore my Jewish heritage. It combines text of the Shma, an ancient Hebrew prayer, and the Hebrew phrase “everything is order within the chaos,” which I found compelling to experiment with.


Shma yisrael (hear me, O israel)
Hear me.
Hakol beseder b’eli haSeder. (everything is order within the chaos)
Oh, hear me now.

Score & Recording