Basic Information

Instrumentation: Choir (SATB)
Duration: 2:45
Year composed: 2021


“Grateful” was written between December 2020 and March 2021, a period that felt like “pandemic limbo:” a vaccine existed, but getting an appointment was nearly impossible; there was an end in sight, but we had no idea when that end would come. I was grappling with seemingly contrary emotions – frustrated about the day-to-day grind of pandemic life, but truly grateful that my loved ones were still virus-free. I felt that many people were (and are) going through this, and needed to express it in song. The rhythmic drone represents the daily “sameness,” and the synth track evokes our ever-growing dependence on technology to connect with each other. My hope is that this piece can help us reflect on life during the pandemic – which will, god willing, soon become a distant memory.


I wake up each morning
I get a bowl of cereal
I just can’t watch the news again.
I remember I’m grateful

The morning shower, the morning coffee.

I work from nine-to-five,
Monday through Friday (working)
The world is on fire (but I’m working)
Must remember, I’m grateful

Here, in my shelter,
Warm, safe, hibernating,
This has to be enough for now.

The evening comes at last
I get some food on the table
The sun sets earlier now.
Time to turn on the screen again.

And you are safe
And healthy

And I am grateful.

Recording & Score