Performed Works


C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective

  • December 1, Manhattan

Ariel Downs (soprano) and Julie Bryan (flute)
To Be Heard

  • October 13, Kansas City, MO

Tony Manfredonia (voice) and Stephanie Cope (piano)

  • July 7, Petoskey, MI

Brooklyn Youth Chorus Men’s Ensemble
I Remain (see on Project: Encore)

  • March 8 and 10, Manhattan


Matt Gold (marimba) and Olivia De Prato (violin, of Mivos Quartet)
Creative Musicians Retreat
Thoughts Creep In

  • June 22, The Walden School, Dublin, NH

C3LA: The Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles
Tomaraji na kumo (see on Project: Encore)

  • March 4, DNJ Gallery at Bergmont Station, Santa Monica, CA
  • March 5, Church of the Angeles, Pasadena, CA

C4: The Choral/Composer/Conductor Collective
Seawall (see on Project: Encore)

  • March 2, Church of Saint Luke in the Fields, NYC
  • March 4, Baruch Performing Arts Center, NYC


C4: The Choral/Composer/Conductor Collective
Tomaraji na kumo (see on Project: Encore)

  • June 9 and 11, St. Ignatius of Antioch, NYC


Seton Hall Chapel Choir
My Plans For You Are Peace (commission)

  • November 12, Seton Hall University

Seton Hall Chapel Choir
Do Not Hide From Me

  • June 4, St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, Princeton, NJ


Seton Hall Chapel Choir
I Call Upon You

  • October 17, Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, Seton Hall University, NJ

C4: The Choral/Composer/Conductor Collective
An Ever-Fixed Mark (see on Project: Encore)

  • February 25, Church for All Nations, NYC
  • February 27, St. Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church, NYC


New Music Hartford
Space Music (for electronics)

  • August 30, ArtSpace Gallery, Hartford CT

C4: The Choral/Composer/Conductor Collective
The Temple Bells

  • June 4, The Church of All Nations, NYC
  • June 6, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, NYC


Karen Sokolof Javitch Emerging Composers Competition
Hakol BeSeder, B’Eli Haseder (for voice, violin, cello, and piano)

  • January 10, Omaha, NE


San Francisco Choral Artists
Live Love

  • June 17, San Francisco, CA
  • June 23, Palo Alto, CA
  • June 24, Oakland, CA

Full List of Works

2017. I Remain (TBB) written for the Brooklyn Youth Men’s Choir. Hear the March 10, 2018 recording.

2017. Vanishing (SATB/w divisi) written for the New Music for New York competition. Hear the December 1, 2018 recording.

2017. Seawall (SATB/w divisi) written for C4. Premiered on March 2, 2017. Hear the recording.

2016. Tomaraji na kumo (SATB/w divisi) written for C4. Premiered on June 9, 2016. Hear the June 11 recording.

2013. Hamesh Dance (SATB w/divisi) for the San Francisco Choral Artist’s New Voices Competition.

2011. Anthem for the Golden Gate (SATB w/divisi) for the International Orange Chorale of San Francisco composition competition. Lyrics by Wendy Lee Klenetsky.

2011. My Plans For You Are Peace (SATB w/divisi) for the Seton Hall Chapel Choir.

2010. I Call Upon You (SATB w/divisi) for the Seton Hall Chapel Choir. Oct 17 2010.

2009. An Ever-Fixed Mark (SSAATTBB) Feb 25 10 | Feb 27 10. Performed by C4: The Choral/Conductor/Composer Collective.

2009. Sunrise (SSAA).

2009. The Celestial Fire (SATB).

2009. The Temple Bells (SATTBB) June 4 09 | June 6 09. Performed by C4: The Choral/Conductor/Composer Collective.

2008. Kono Yoru (This Night) choir (SSAA).

2007. Shine (SSAATTBB). In Japanese and English. Quarterfinalist, Sorel Organization’s Women Composers competition.

2007. Live Love (SATB). Live recording. 2nd place winner, San Francisco Chorale’s New Voices Competition. In English and Pali.

2006. Sleep, Child, Sleep (SSAA). In Japanese and English.

2004. In Death’s Field (SSAATTBB). In English, translation from a 9th century Middle Eastern poem.

2019. Third Generation for soprano, clarinet and cello.

2018. To Be Heard for flute and soprano.

2018. Distance for baritone and piano.

2017. Thoughts Creep In for marimba and violin. For the Creative Musicians Retreat.

2014. Summer for soprano, mezzo, baritone, piano and flute. For Rhymes With Opera’s summer workshop.

2009. Departure, 10:49pm for bassoon.

2007. Hakol BeSeder, B’Eli HaSeder for voice, violin, cello, and piano. In Hebrew. Finalist, Karen Sokolof Javitch Composition Competition.

2006. But Hope for two guitars.

2006. If You Knew Me for voice and violin.

2005. Cape Spear for string choir (two violin, two viola, two cello, two bass).

2004. Fragments for violin and piano.

2004. Taistealai for fiddles, drum, flutes.

2003. The Face in the Mirror for cello and celesta.

2003. Dorian March for piano.

2002. A Dream of Snow for piccolo, vibraphone, marimbas, violin, cello, handbells, and handdrum.

2010. Drum track for emerge.Orange, part of Project Emerge.

2010. We Grow for electronically modified Middle Eastern instruments, synth, and guitar.

2009. Space Music written for the 60/60 competition. Premier by New Music Hartford 8/30.

2009. Voice Through Static written for the New Jersey Electronic Music Artists group.

2007. Commuter’s Dream for electronics and voice (organ, ambient sounds, vocal samples).

2007. Breathe for electronics (Chinese flutes, erhu, drums, ambient sounds, organ).

2006. Coming Home for Christmas for electronics (organ/synthesizer and preconstructed loops).

2005. Out of Darkness for synthesizer (variety of pads, bells, and keys).

2004. Theme for “Project Enigma”, a video game mod.

2004. Background themes for a Metroid-inspired video game mod, for electronics (synth voice, drums, marimba, bells, among others).