I’m fortunate enough to be attending Smashing a Conference NYC. I opted to attend this instead of NAGW this year, and as I love my fellow government web folks, it was the best decision I could’ve made. As essentially a team of one (Carol as manager , me as everything else), I design, develop, even… Read More

Roomful of Teeth concert program

There were so many amazing things about last night’s Roomful of Teeth concert, it’s hard to know where to begin. But first and foremost were the voices of that amazing group. The level of talent and technique their members share carried me away. I’ve listened to their album many times, but seeing them perform live… Read More


A lot of good performances are in the works! Check out where I’ll be performing this spring and summer: New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra’s 20th Anniversary Concert, April 27 I and 11 other singers will be featured in excerpts from Haydn’s┬áThe Seasons. Should be a great concert! Eastern Opera of New Jersey – Pagliacci, May 24,… Read More