Looking Back on 2015

Now that my last concerts are over, I finally have a little time to reflect on what an amazing year it’s been for me. Musically, I’ve never done more, and never been more challenged. I was a soloist in the premiere concert of the Red Oak Contemporary Ensemble; (finally) re-joined C4 and performed some absolutely … [Read more…]

A Spring of New Music


This spring is shaping up to be a very busy one, full of new music performance! I’m happy to announce that after 5 years (and a couple of re-auditions), I am once again a member of C4: The Composer/Conductor Collective. This ensemble performs music only written in the past 25 years, and most members are … [Read more…]

Sing Like You Mean It


Today was the People’s Climate March, a trek through Manhattan by over 300,000 people who care deeply about the state of our world. Down on 11th and 37th, a small stage was set up where performers could let their hearts out. I was lucky enough to find out and join the People’s Climate Chorus, a … [Read more…]