Today was the People’s Climate March, a trek through Manhattan by over 300,000 people who care deeply about the state of our world. Down on 11th and 37th, a small stage was set up where performers could let their hearts out. I was lucky enough to find out and join the People’s Climate Chorus, a… Read More


While the summer has been amazing overall, things have gotten rough over the past couple of weeks. Besides many tragic world events that I can’t seem to get out of my mind, we’ve had our share of tragedies and issues at my job as of late. I felt more depressed than I’d been in months…the… Read More


A lot of good performances are in the works! Check out where I’ll be performing this spring and summer: New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra’s 20th Anniversary Concert, April 27 I and 11 other singers will be featured in excerpts from Haydn’s┬áThe Seasons. Should be a great concert! Eastern Opera of New Jersey – Pagliacci, May 24,… Read More