A new piece, C4, Silkroad and SeraSymphony

Lots of great news this spring and summer!

My new choral piece, “Tomaraji na kumo” (“The Ceaseless Clouds”), is premiering at Choralfest on June 4! This piece will be performed by C4 both at Choralfest (a free day-long celebration of American choral music) and at our concerts on June 9 and 11.

This is my first composition and premiere in years, so I’m incredible excited (and nervous)! And I give so much thanks to C4 for making it happen, and giving me a shot.

One week after this premiere, I’m off to Indiana to participate as a singer in the Silkroad Ensemble’s Global Musician Workshop. I get to work and perform with world-renowned musicians performing music from across the globe…I could not be more excited about this.

The day I get back, I start rehearsals for ICONIQ Orchestra’s second performance of their SeraSymphony.  This concert, a celebration of the Japanese anime “Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon,” features original arrangements and orchestrations of the score to the beloved series. It was a huge hit when it premiered in Manhattan 2 years ago, and now they’ve brought it to Roulette in Brooklyn, this time with chamber choir! This is on July 3, tickets available now!

…and then I rest for a couple of months before starting all over again in September. It’s an exciting time!