Sing Like You Mean It

Today was the People’s Climate March, a trek through Manhattan by over 300,000 people who care deeply about the state of our world. Down on 11th and 37th, a small stage was set up where performers could let their hearts out. I was lucky enough to find out and join the People’s Climate Chorus, a group of like-minded local singers. composer Josh Feintuch wrote a really incredible piece that really encapsulates the global climate change movement for me. We performed it at a climate change arts event, at the Climate Convergence last night (couldn’t attend unfortunately), and at the march today.

I had mixed feelings about the march – why did the vegan activists wrap their food in Saran Wrap? Why did so many other topics come up (like occupy and socialism)? I was afraid that it was going to dissolve into a mess of progressive ideas and lose focus, but it didn’t. It was peaceful, joyful, and overall focused on the topic at hand.

There’s something amazing about singing for something greater than yourself. I always went after random paid gigs to feel “professional,” but volunteering for something like this has far more meaning. I’m just really glad to have had the opportunity. This group might turn into a more general “People’s Chorus,” advocating through singing, so I’ll let you know if anything happens on that front!

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