Roomful of Teeth concert program

A New Music Experience

There were so many amazing things about last night’s Roomful of Teeth concert, it’s hard to know where to begin. But first and foremost were the voices of that amazing group. The level of talent and technique their members share carried me away. I’ve listened to their album many times, but seeing them perform live is a whole other experience. As a singer and composer, it made me want to write music, learn how to throat sing, and explore what is means to perform. (They bounce around to the song, smile at each other, laugh!) I want to get to that level one day.

Also seeing Caroline Shaw performing her own Pulitzer Prize winning work is an experience I’ll never forget.

The other amazing thing is that this concert series, Music Mondays, is held in a UCC church on the Upper West Side, and it looked like at least half of the audience (the line was out the door) were parishioners who were just curious about the concert. I heard people talking about new classical music who’d never even really heard of it, passing along names of composers and venues like Roulette. This music feels alive, and I can’t wait to be a part of it again at the NWO workshop this summer.

I think I’m actually going to write again. And dedicate myself to finally learning this Pagliacci chorus, not exactly new music, but challenging nonetheless.

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