Geeking out at PAX

In my final semester at college, I interned at the Japan Society of New York in the arts department. I worked hard and got to see a ton of amazing shows, but also learned that nonprofit work (and commuting) wasn’t for me at the time.

But one day at work I get a call from Tom Salta, a video game composer, who was looking for a Japanese singer for Red Steel. I of course sent him a sample of myself singing and was able to talk to him about the industry and get some great advice.

Today at PAX I got to meet him again. Not only did he remember me (turning to a friend and saying “hey remember that story I told you about? This is that girl!”), he said I was a part of how his career got going and took a selfie with me. And told me to drop him a line.

So yeah, geeking out at PAX.

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