The simple things

2013 was the most important year of my life. I married the best person I know, I started to get a hold on what I want to do musically, and I was in a better place mentally than I’d been in a very long time. Next year will be a big one – I’m turning 30, and really want to set some big things in stone. Do I stick with the County for my career? Will we save for a house? Do we want a kid, and when? And can I finally use whatever willpower I have to do what I really want to do, such as lose some weight and practice regularly?

That being said, on Reddit the other day, someone posted a list of the simple things that make life better. Hundreds of comments followed with each user’s own list, some of which were silly, of course, but others very moving. All of these huge life issues weigh on me right now, but it’s this list that really makes life worthwhile:

  • Morgan (the cat) begging Bren to pick him up with small, adorable meows
  • the subsequent hour or so when Morgan curls up on Bren’s chest and falls asleep
  • the way the crisp air feels on an inhale when it’s going to snow
  • and the crunch of fresh snow under my feet while walking to work.
  • getting someone a gift they really, really like
  • giving my parents a big hug whenever I get the chance
  • the feeling I get when I’m with Bren and I just know that somehow, things are going to be ok.
  • performing
  • how it feels to sing (and when you do it just right)
  • coming up with a cool idea
  • seeing friends, whether you were with them the day before or the year before.
  • a warm apartment where said friends can come over
  • the Seeing Eye dogs I pass on my way to work
  • seeing a child get really excited about something. (and being just as excited)
  • football games with Dad
  • cuddling on the couch with Ash (also a cat)
  • hot chocolate/tea and a warm blanket on a cold day
  • Morristown, Freehold, and NYC

So basically, what makes it all worth it are the people (and animals) you love being near you, having food and shelter to keep them all cozy, and having the health to appreciate it. I am so grateful to have all of those.

I hope that everyone has a Happy New Year, and remembers how good the simple things are in 2014! 🙂

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