Moving Forward

Just a brief update on a very busy couple of weeks:

– I composed my first full piece in quite awhile, Hamesh Dance, and submitted it to the SFCA’s New Voices Competition. I placed in this six (wow) years ago, and am hoping to have similar results here! It feels really good to have broken out of writer’s block, at least for now!

– Some great voice news! I’m now a member of the Kinnara Ensemble, a professional level group based in Princeton, and an Artist-in-Residence at the Continuo Arts Foundation, in Summit. I’m really excited for these opportunities and am glad to be back in an ensemble. I also love that I’m doing things in New Jersey instead of the city….though I’d love to rejoin C4 if I ever get the chance again.

– Finally, I presented my talk on responsive web design at a National Association of Government Webmasters webinar this week, and it seemed to go very well.

Besides a lot of things going on right now with singing and work, we still have a lot of wedding planning do to, including picking music (obviously the hardest for me)! It’s a very good time right now.

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